• How long will it take to get my order?

    Order without a colour mixed it will be received same time.

  • Do you deliver?

    Yes, if your order is above R1200 or more, delivery will take place when we are in the area.

  • What paint brands do you sell?

    Mipa - German manufacturers paint that has the international OME standards.

    Vollux & Glaker - Locally manufactured products

  • Do you sell paint equipment?

    Yes, we don’t just sell paint; we sell automotive paint solutions that include paint equipment and workshop equipment. (Only on request).

  • Why are primers important?

    Primer is essential to create a bond between the paint used and the substrate. There is a various range of different primers available with different properties. The property includes Anti Corrosion, Chemical Key bonding to the substrate & filling properties, also in today’s demanding workshop environment. Our primer offers easy sanding methods with reduced pin holes and non-sinkage solution.

  • What kind of primers are used on different applications?

    We have a full range of primers with a various range of different properties available for the cars, trucks, and signage industry. We also have high-end primers available for coastal areas' needs. HS or MS filler primer is suitable for areas with excessive scratches or areas where body filler or fine putty’s was used to fix damaged areas.

    We recommend the following:

    Automotive: MS, HS, Selfecth, and 1K.

    Commercial: MS, HS, Selfecth, 1K and Exposy.

    Signage: MS, HS, Selfecth, 1K and Exposy.

    Industrial: Selfecth, 1k and Exposy.

    Wood: N/C

    Costal: Epoxy and High-end Primers. (On request)

  • How do you ensure colour matching?

    Our mixers have more than 60 years of combined experience in colour matching with the addition of state-of-the-art mixing systems that allow us to integrate with a spectrometer for accurate mixing of the latest colours.

  • How long will colours take to be mixed?

    We have a system which automatically puts your colours in a queue and it tells us how long the colour will take. On average colour matching has a 3 to 4 hours waiting period, depending on how busy we are.

  • Can Vollux and Mipa be used together?

    We do not recommend it, but it does mix together.

    1. Mipa paint range is available in medium and high solid paint and comes with a lifetime warranty if used to manufacture specifications.

    2. Vollux and Glaker are medium solid paint and offer no warranty.

  • Why can certain colours not be done on eye mix?

    This only applies in metallics and there are many different pearl pigments that cannot be sourced locally. Many new pearl metallic colours have a complex range of toners and require drops of each toner to effectively change the colour of the required shade, and this can’t be determined by the eye and a computer formula will be used to mix the colour.

  • What is the quality difference between Vollux and Mipa?

    Vollux is a local manufactured brand and producers a good but affordable product. The Local raw and resins is sourced for this product. Mipa is a German Engineered product of the highest standards. This product would therefore be much more expensive but the quality is much higher than that of Vollux.

  • Do I need a clear coat?

    A clear coat is a need and is used on all paints that are basecoat products. The base colour is just the colour and the clear coat will be applied as the protective layer. Sufficient UV protection will provide the gloss and shiny parts of the paint application.

    1. Most new cars are sprayed with water-based paint and have a clear coat over them, even flat colours.

    2. All basecoats & pearl colours are sprayed with a clear coat to give the gloss effect.

    3. New flat colours can be sprayed with 2k paints and no clear coat is required.

  • Why do you need to use certain thinners on certain applications, as I have been using lacquer thinners without any issues?

    Solvents or Thinners make a huge difference to the end result, on 2K topcoats, basecoats, and clear coat applications. Lacquer thinners are a cheap and aggressive solvent blended with cheap solvents including methanol. 

    NB. Do not use lacquer thinners with -

    A. Basecoat paint, will affect the pearl in metallics. (Use basecoat thinners)

    B. 2K paint, will affect the gloss level. (Use 2k thinners)

    C. Clearcoat, will affect the gloss level. (Use 2k thinners)

    D. Hardener, will affect drying time. (Use 2k thinners)

    E. QD paint, will affect the gloss level. (Use QD thinners)

    F. Primers, will affect the drying time. (Use a grade lacquer only)

    NB: - Lacquer thinners are only to be used for cleaning equipment.

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