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Finding the right colour is one of the most difficult tasks for a professional refinisher, because colour codes on the vehicle, colour cards and formulations often coincide only partially. The Mipa Color System helps refinishers to easily find the correct shade. Thanks to the formula software Mipa Mix Elite colour matching becomes child’s play. Get the best automotive spray paint for cars and paint mixing near you. Enquire today for car paint prices in Johannesburg.

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Basecoat automotive paints are just like the name implies — basic. It's the actual coloured paint of the vehicle that would go on top of the primer layer. Now, here's the important part: base coat paint for cars don't contain any strengtheners or hardeners. This means it's just raw paint, sitting on top of the primer.

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2K Paint

2K is a two-component acrylic paint for cars and industrial purposes. It's composed of a special type of additive to obtain superior hardness and gloss.

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The vehicle clear coat is the final coat of paint applied to your car, going over the basecoat paint. It's a transparent, glossy coating that is meant to enhance the look of your paint and provide protection from the environment and UV rays from the sun. 

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The primary ingredient in paint hardener is sodium polyacrylate, which is a crystallized salt product. The salt crystals absorb moisture very quickly and turn the paint into a solid, rubbery substance. So effectively drying your paint much faster!

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In the automotive world, the term primer generally refers to a paint-like substance that's usually applied to the freshly sanded metal before the topcoat. Much like paint, different types of automotive primers can be applied with a spray gun and are allowed to dry thoroughly between coats. This is to protect the metal from rusting.

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N/C Paint

N/C Paint finish is that long-wearing, attractive, high-gloss finish that is mostly seen on interior wooden surfaces and old cars.

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