About Us


Tony’s Colours SA PTY (LTD) is a formidable and well known Retail Store and Distributor in the Automotive Refinishing Market. It was established 24 Years ago by Tony and Audrey Cardoso In a 100 square meter shop followed by a 2,600 square meter building to our current 6,000 square meter facility. This facility is also equipped with a full scale technology advanced Training Centre.

With a genuine commitment to providing customers with multiple quality products, fair affordable pricing and outstanding service, Tony’s Colours has experienced tremendous growth and has crafted a unique and popular position in the Automotive Refinishing and Industrial Markets. Today, and 50 team members later, it is still, an unwavering commitment to these principles, a combined 85 years of experience, and an educated understanding of the diversity of the markets that has set Tony’s Colours apart. It is through these qualities that we have earned the Trust, Respect and Loyalty of our customers.

We service all segments of the markets through over 30 first class local and international brands. It is however our credible value proposition, reliable outstanding service and understanding of our customer’s needs that have and continue to keep our customers coming back.



  • To build on our 24 year history of providing our customers with a credible  and UNIQUE VALUE PROPISITION (UVP), by providing them with reliable quality products and outstanding service.


  • To stay at No. 1 as the  top  destination shop for our current and potential customers in the greater Gauteng Region.


Ophir Booysens Road, Johannesburg
Telephone: +27 11 4939030